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To join the Violet Guild, fill out this form and click the button at the bottom -- if you're having trouble, you can simply answer the questions in an email of your own and send it to me!

You can leave any of these questions blank, except for the name of the character and your personal email address -- those are kinda important. :4) If you don't hear back from me inside of two weeks, send an email to my more personal address here, or try catching me on the Aol Instant Messenger as LadyHastings. Have fun!

Join the Guild!

What is your character's name?
What is your e-mail address?(I NEED this to contact you!)

How old is your character? )

Is your character male or female?

What country is your character from?(Any country, so long as it existed during the French Revolution)

What is your character's personal history? (Briefly :4) )

What does your character look like?

Is your character related to anyone in the book/movie/musical?(I.E, a cousin of Lord Tony, a nephew of Chauvelin, something like that)

What is your character's personality like?

Why do you wish to join the Guild? (You can answer this "in character" or just why YOU want to be part of a fanfic club. :4) )

How did you become a fan of the Scarlet Pimpernel? Books, movie, musical, etc..?

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