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The cobbles clatter under your carriage wheels as you pull up in front of the house. Although quite large and handsome, it is not at all intimidating, many of the windows open to allow the bright summer sunlight to stream in. As you disembark from the carriage, you look once more at the small folded paper in your hand:

"Dear prospective Guilder, Kindly meet me at the Hastings home at (time) of (today's date) Come alone."
It is not signed except with a small image that reminds you of some of the wild violets you saw growing on the road during your drive. The door to the great house is open, and a young maid notes you in passing and emerges.

"Do you wish to see Lady Hastings?" she asks.

Hesitating, your mind is made up for you by the carriage driving suddenly away--no turning back now. You nod and the maid leads you into a large wooden hall.

"Wait here." she says quietly, and vanishes into a nearby parlor. From within you hear merry laughter, and after a moment the maid returns accompanied by a dark-haired, slightly pudgy man clad in a dark blue suit, with a tall, thin young woman with long light brown hair on his arm. She looks at the paper in your hand, whispers something to the man at her side and he nods, kisses her hand and, with a brief bow to you, he disappears back into the parlor.

The woman, whom you realize after a moment must be Lady Hastings, looks you up and down sharply but kindly. After a moment, she smiles and leads you into another room, gesturing to a chair. You sit and look at her as she takes a seat opposite you.

"So, my friend, I have heard you..wish to help...that is, that you are interested in joining the Violet Guild?"

You stammer out a brief inquiry, and she laughs a little awkwardly, seeming scarcely less nervous at this interview than you are.

"The Violet Guild? Well, we're...I suppose, back-up would be the best term. We follow, and help, those in the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. They don't know we exist, none except Lord Timothy, my husband. We do our best to help them, and I am proud to say we have often succeeded..."

She looks down, and then glances up at you shyly.

"If you would join, I would be honored..."

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