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Second Scenario:
Madame Suzanne Ffoulkes' Story

Since the soldiers were drunk,(as usual) it was very easy for us to slip into the prison. Lady Hastings and I were disguised as French peasants.

We walked into the row of cells where the Marquis was carrying trays of stale food. The soldiers inside all thought that we were carrying in food for the prisoners. It wasn't awkward for them to see food brought in at such an hour because breakfast was normally brought to them in the middle of the night and left there for them to eat in the morning.

We found the Marquis awake and alert because he had received a note from the Bounders the previous night explaining that he was to be rescued. Lady Hastings grabbed one of her hairpins and started working on the cell lock. It quickly opened because it was so poorly made. We quietly moved the Marquis and his sons through the winding halls of the prison. As we waited by the door, the member of the guild who was on watch gave the signal that the coast was clear. I  gave the Marquis the disguises that he and his sons were to wear.

We started off for Sir Percy's lodgings just as the sun was about to rise. As we left the prison, I thought to myself, "Another mission successfully completed by the Violet Guild."

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