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SITUATION #2: In The Prison

You, another Guilder, and Lady Eliza are creeping silently through Paris.  It's just before dawn, and in one hour the Scarlet Pimpernel and his League are going to attempt to rescue a Marquis and his two young sons as they are brought out to be executed.  But Chauvelin expects them to make this attempt—the Guild has learned he has a trap set.  So the three of you have to get the Marquis and his children out of the prison—before the Bounders move to help them.  Standing across the street from the prison in the early morning light, Lady Hastings looks at both of you and quietly gives you your orders.

"Alright, we have only an hour to get the three of them safely out of the prison and to Sir Percy's lodgings at No. 12 Rue St. Anne—otherwise he and the others'll move in and be caught.  Now, my idea is that two of us get in however possible, and someone else waits outside to get the Marquis and his boys to the Pimpernel.  So, any ideas?"

The three of you look at each other for a moment, then begin planning.

~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~

Lark Wingfield
Mlles de Chante and d'Amour
Miss Lucie Blakeney
Lady Alexis (Mlle Charboneau and M. de Pontmercy)
Lady Parker
Mme Ffoulkes

*    *    *    *